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CHRISTMAS | 14 Nov 2012


The festival or fest of light and joy is favorite to all. One always waits the month of December that is also the month of Christmas so that one can just free himself from the burden of day to day life and just relax and enjoy the nature, the earth and its beauty. One such place that helps people to cherish their time spent as the best time is Copenhagen. It is the place which starts illuminating itself through the medium of markets, amusements village such as Tivoli and delicious food dishes. How well one cherishes the feeling of delight when he views the amazing lighting and lovely Christmas trees all across the street and parks in Copenhagen.

There are theatres present in this beautiful city that organizes plays and concerts of Christmas significance of their own. The shops offer lovely goods and at an incredibly low price that one could buy those attractive items and gift them to the lovely ones in their life. There are various cultural events that are held in the city of Copenhagen, which has become a huge center of tourism for the specific season of Christmas over the years. It is not only this, but there are special market those lines up the stalls to provide delicious food and lovely handmade crafting from all across Europe. One can also witness the amazing beauty and elegance of place like Nyhavn which is an incredible harbor area of Copenhagen.

The mulled wine and the apple dumplings of the Danish restaurants are recognized worldwide which is also the special dishes along with meat balls and liver plate in Copenhagen. The number of visitors is constantly rising year by year which has also made the tourism companies to design a special tour package to Copenhagen just for the season of Christmas. Visit the to know more about the various exciting ways in which you can enjoy your Christmas in Copenahgen!

Car Rental | 23 Oct 2012

Hire a Car and Explore the Australian city

Brisbane offers so many amazing locations; you can visit them all by taking the brisbane airport car hire services. They offer different types of cars at various rates so that the selection can be done by considering the budget. From small, cozy cars to the big, luxurious cars, all the variants are offered by the rental agencies to its customers. Here are some of the best areas of Brisbane, which are a must to visit by hiring a car like:

  • Enjoy cruising:  Take the rental car and visit this port for enjoying the cruise facility; it is one of the most adventure activities in Brisbane. You can get to enjoy the adventure of being in the lap of the sea with the loved one; the rates are good but worth paying.
  • Take a bite of local seafood: For the seafood lovers, Brisbane offers some of the best seafood variants. The Moreton Bay offers some of the best local seafood delicacies at reasonable rates so make sure to visit the place by hiring a car.
  • Go to Southbank Parklands: You should defiantly come here by hiring a car as it offers beautiful, clean beaches with sidewalks and cafes. The shopping and dining areas nearby, makes the place more interesting. So come here and spend quality time while enjoying the great views.
  • Moreton Island: Enjoy the crystal clear blue water surrounded with soft sands, for the adventure lovers there are many water based activities for having total fun.
  • Have a blast in Dreamworld:  Heaven for the youngsters, you can get thrilled by the different types of adventure rides. Even proper food joints and resting areas are provided; you can have a great time with family or friends by visiting this dreamland by hiring a car.
  • Explore the historical aspects: By hiring a car, you can visit the different monuments and museums of the city and can get to know the historical background. With these cars it becomes easy to travel as they offer a lot of flexibility, also make sure to check the car in advance for any type of damage.
  • Explore the Tangalooma Island Resort: This resort is a must to visit by hiring a car as it offers the best accommodation facilities; even the Dolphin show can be enjoyed. It offers the facility to have a close encounter with these dolphins; you can touch them and also click the pictures all together.
  • Enjoy the gardens: Hire the car and visit the beautiful gardens of Brisbane, they offer a very relaxed atmosphere with greenery all over. Different landscapes and sculptures add up to the amazing views, for children there are many recreational activities to be enjoyed.

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Malaga Airport | 01 Oct 2012

Explore The Beautiful City Of Malaga

In the beautiful country of Spain has an exquisite city called Malaga. This city is situated at the southernmost tip of Europe and is taken as the most beautiful tip too. The city has a pleasant Mediterranean climate as it is situated in the sub tropical region of earth. It was the birth place of the famous artist Pablo Picasso. The beauty that the artist portrayed in his times is perfectly blended in the city adding to its culture and tradition. The city is blended in tradition and culture which makes it even more beautiful. People of Malaga are extremely helpful and help the people in everything. Its exquisite beauty and favorable climate, makes it one of the most beautiful and highly populated city of Spain as it is sixth largest in population. Also it is the second largest populated city in its state that it Andalusia.

The beauty and the exquisite culture make it a very favorable place for tourists and it lures every traveler to visit it. This is the benefit of having the most equipped and well designed airport. Malaga airport does not miss on any location and connects all important places to Malaga. People usually call this place the tourist capital of Costa De Sol which means the coast of the son, in Spanish. Tourists flood this place in every season because of the well connectivity of its airport. It enjoys 8 months of summer season which makes it favorable for every person, to visit. The airport is connected 21 major cities in the country itself and many major destinations in Europe as well as the entire world.

The name of the Malaga airport is “Malaga Costa de sol airport” which was built early in its time. It is one of the busiest airports in Spain. This can be proved by the statistics which show that Malta airport used to handle 12,813,472 people in the year 2008 itself. It is obvious that the number would have increased by now. It is the forth busiest airport in Spain and the busiest international airport in Andalusia. It accounts to 85% of its foreign traffic ad definitely brings in a lot of foreign money. No doubts it’s a hub for all the tourists to visit. The beautiful city along with a nice blend of culture when garnished with a perfect airport, definitely serves as a boon to them to get tourists.

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